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Here are links to affiliated dance organizations that we consider as 'friends of the studio':

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Bal-In-The-Capital promotes Balboa Swing

Balboa is a vintage swing dance.  It originated in southern California in the 1920s and 30s and is named for the Balboa Peninsula.  It is danced primarily in close embrace and involves subtle communication between the partners including weight shifts.  As such, it is regarded as more of a dancer's dance than a spectator's dance.  It can be danced at almost any speed, but is typically done to faster tempos. Balboa is a great swing dance to add to your repertoire to allow you to dance comfortably at fast tempos, and as a complementary swing dance, will improve your Lindy Hop as well.

Westie Undergrounnd.JPG

Westie Underground is a group of passionate dancers and teachers dedicated to promoting West Coast Swing in the Ottawa area and beyond. We love this dance, and we want to spread that love as much as we can. We work hard to introduce new dancers to West Coast Swing and to encourage existing dancers of all levels with opportunities for growth, learning, and most importantly fun. We want to help you to enjoy your journey as a West Coast Swing dancer, from beginner through to social dancer, performer, or competitor.

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