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Studio Rules

The following rules of conduct are standard practice at most dance studios.  For many of you, they will be common sense.  However, we have decided to spell them out in the interest of ensuring that everyone has the same understanding and that everyone’s experience at DanceTown will be a positive one.  

1.    You are requested to leave the studio within 15 minutes of the end of a lesson unless you are waiting for another lesson or party happening soon after.

2.    Keep voices down when dance lessons are in progress on the floor.

3.    If you have arrived early for your lesson or class, please be respectful of lessons or classes in progress. Do not disrupt teachers who are currently conducting a private or group lesson.

4.    If you wish to practice just before (maximum 15 minutes) or after your lesson, you may do so provided you do not interfere with teachers’ conduct of other lessons.

5.    You may only record (video or photo) activities on the dance floor with the teacher’s or the studio manager’s permission and you may only record lessons in which you are a participant.  Video recording is normally limited to a recap at the end of a lesson. If you wish to set up a camera tripod for recording portions of your lesson, you must have prior approval from the studio owner.

6.    If you want to watch a group class that you are not registered in, you must obtain permission from the studio manager or the class teacher.

7.    You cannot sit and watch another student’s private lesson unless that student invites you to do so.

8.    If you wish to practice at the studio at other times, you must be registered with the studio, be actively taking lessons here and must have specific permission from the studio manager. You must not interfere with teachers’ conduct of lessons. We reserve the right to require payment for extended practice times.

9.    Be respectful of how your teachers manage their time and earn their living. If you book a private lesson with a teacher and then decide to cancel it, you must provide 24 hours notice. This allows your teacher time to book someone else into your time slot. If you don’t provide 24 hours notice, you must pay for the missed lesson.

10.  If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with a lesson (private or group), please contact the studio manager to discuss. We will do our best to find a satisfactory resolution.

11. Bring a clean pair of clean shoes with you for use on the dance floor.

12. In the winter, please remove wet or snowy boots and shoes in the stairwell and either leave them there or carry them to the shelves inside the studio. This prevents the carpet from becoming wet and damaging other people’s dance shoes.

The most important rule of all – treat everyone with courtesy and respect ... and have fun.

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